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Sewer Inspections with Camera

When hiring Clean Water Environmental to diagnose your sewer line problems, we use a camera on your sewage system. With this equipment we can see minor problems before they become major problems which will save you time, frustration, and money.

Sewer Camera Inspection

With our sewer camera inspection, our team can find out “what” and “where” the drain problem is.  We will send a specialized camera down into your sewer line to get a good picture of what is going on inside it. By doing so, we can see the full picture and provide you with our expert opinion of the measures required to fix your sewage problems. A video camera line inspection pipe will identify all types of problems, including:

  • Root infiltration

  • Misaligned pipe

  • Broken pipe

  • Punctured pipe

  • Corroded pipe

  • Grease buildup

  • Leaks

  • Obstructions

  • Dips or bellies in the line

  • Improper grade

  • And more

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Signs You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection

When it comes to sewage problems, there are many warning signs, all of which should never be ignored. If you’ve been dealing with sewer line problems, it’s time for a professional to perform a sewer camera inspection. By sending a camera down your sewer lines you will be able to solve the problem before it escalates into a problematic situation.


Warning signs:

  • Slow Drains – If your sink, tub, laundry tub or other drains are draining more slowly than normal, you could have a problem on your hands. 

  • Drains Backing Up – A sewage backup is not something you want to happen in your home, but if a clog is unattended to, you could be left with a messy situation. If you’ve noticed waste water rising out of your drains or toilets, you need an expert plumber right away.

  • Wet Patches in Yard – Backups can cause the sewage to come up out of the clean outs in your yard.

  • Low spot in your yard – You may also notice a depression in your yard or driveway. Over time the dirt in your yard can settle causing your sewer line to settle with the ground and break or not to have proper fall for the sewage to flow in the proper direction.

NOTE: The inspection is limited based upon what is visible by the camera.

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