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Serving Anne Arundel, and Surrounding Counties with Pride

Located in the Annapolis area, we have been servicing Anne Arundel County and surrounding Counties since 2012. Having began with environmental testing which includes, radon (air & water), lead and mold testing and analysis, we have expanded our services. Now specializing in property evaluations for real estate transactions, we perform septic testing, sewer line inspections with camera, well yield testing, along with water sampling and analysis.

We are impartial in our evaluations in the fact that we do not provide remediation and remain without outside influences. With some of our team members having 20 years in the well and septic business, Clean Water Environmental is able to apply a high level of knowledge, expertise and professionalism which makes us confident as we continue to educate our clients on current and potential issues, while leaving them with a piece of mind as they move forward with their real estate transaction.

Septic Inspections

All the water from the house flows into the septic tank. The job of the tank is to trap the solids and let the cleaner water pass through to the drainage area. 

Sewer Inspections
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Camera Inspections of the Sewer Line are available for properties on public utilities. From the access cap, we view and record the sewer lines.

Well Yield Testing
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Well Yield Tests are timed tests which determine how many gallons per minute a well system can produce as well as detecting any problems.

Mold Sampling

 Mold is a living organism found indoors and outdoors alike. If moisture or humidity is introduced, the living organism will destroy the material it has rooted into.

Water Sampling

Most minerals and/or impurities can be tested for in the water. Request water sampling today.

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that cannot be detected by our senses. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

Our Mission

Our team knowledge and skills for the trade are by far one of the best in this industry which is why we believe strongly in continuing education. Our desire to learn and continual development is essential for success.


Our most important assets are our reputation for customer service and our integrity which is consistently shown through all professional interactions.


A work environment of teamwork, mutual respect, and efficiency is what Clean Water Environmental is forged in. Our environment encourages people to contribute, grow and excel, topped with a strong work ethic all essential for success.

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